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Book Reviews

Tonight I did something I don’t enjoy… writing a negative book review. I’ll post a link here when the review is ready (for anyone wanting to read it).

After going all spring and summer without a cold, I finally caught one! Sniffing and sneezing my way through the day was fun — NOT! Even worse, my grandsons throat looks nasty! He’ll be going to the doctor tomorrow – it could be strep again.

Since he’s sick, he got to pick a movie to watch tonight. His choice? The Sound of Music! He loves the singing and the puppet show.

Good news! We finally found some time to work on his quilt again. Now the batting and backing is sewn to the quilt top. We’re hoping to be done with it tomorrow. We still need to do the binding on my granddaughters. Maybe we can get it finished over the weekend.

Both grandchildren are getting fussy, so it’s time for prayers, Gwen’s Bible reading, teeth brushing and off to bed.

God bless you and goodnight.


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