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Writing – it’s not easy!

Many years ago I began a novel… I got a few chapters written, but then work, family, and life got in the way and I never finished it.

Recently several friends have encouraged me to begin writing again. So I searched until I found the old tractor-feed printer pages and re-typed them, using my laptop and word processing software.

Now comes the hard part… the writing!

Who do I want to write about? What location? What type of story do I want to tell? Mystery? Romance?

My Christian lifestyle will help with the choosing – no bad language or alcohol by the main characters. I want to write novels that are encouraging to those who will read them.

If drugs, sex, immoral clothes or actions are part of the story, I want to show that these are bad choices with negative consequences.

That’s not to say there won’t be ordinary problems too… and people make mistakes, bad decisions, get involved with the wrong people… so there’s bound to be lots of room for just about anything to happen!

Right now I’m just gathering ideas. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

God bless you!

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