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Hump Day… what’s in a name

I’ve noticed that things we enjoy or look forward to often have a “negative” name attached…

HUMP DAY for Wednesday – nothing appealing here, yet everyone wants to get through Wednesday so that we’ve worked more days than we have left – and the weekend seems to be rapidly approaching! YAY! But is that the best someone could do? HUMP? OK, we just got past the hump in the road (week, whatever). I’d LOVE to hear suggestions (decent, clean, encouraging words) to replace hump.

Then there’s…

BLACK FRIDAY – this used to be one of my favorite days of the year, because in the not-so-small town of Knoxville, most of the people out on Friday at 4am were in a festive mood. I got terrific deals on children’s clothes, toys, Christmas gifts. And people were smiling, Christmas carols played in the background, and we had fun.

Well, not last year… at the local discount stores too many people were shoving past others, grumpy, and downright ugly at times. Let’s not even mention the nearby electronics store, where the line outside means hours of waiting – just to get into the store. I pass on that one every year.

Last year I left the rude people at the discount stores and went to the mall to shop at major department stores… Christmas carols, smiling faces, happy people. Once again a great day!

So why the name BLACK Friday… RED works – everyone spends money until they’re broke (in the red) and red is a holiday color. GREEN works – all that money and it’s a holiday color. I’m going to presume it’s called BLACK Friday because everyone gets up while it’s still pitch black outside… but Red Friday or Green Friday sounds better. If you can do better, please reply with a nice, holiday color name.

Happy Holidays.


Comments on: "Hump Day… what’s in a name" (1)

  1. Well I can’t find a cute way to say hump. All the synonyms are just creepy.

    But I love the idea of Green Friday! It makes perfect sense. We’re all out “spending our green” and green is a Christmas color and that’s what a lot of people go shopping for that day!


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