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After wishing for much of my life that I could, or would, write a novel, I’m finally taking the plunge!

Having made the decision, I decided to join a friend and participate in the 30-day November challenge – to complete a 50,000 word novel at NaNoWriMo. First step, sign up… done.

Next step, choose who, what, when, where, why and how! Yep, I learned that in school. But it’s much harder than I expected to decide what to write about – characters, plot, location, etc.

I had a chat session with my friend, who asked me very good questions, made suggestions, and wrote down the answers. Yet when we chatted tonight, I surprised her when I admitted that I still wasn’t sure what my novel will be about.

“I thought all that was decided,” she said, confused. I tried to explain that it was, but now it’s not working.

“It doesn’t seem to go anywhere in my head, so I’m guessing it’s not the right choice,” I told her.

Oh well, I have 30 more days to figure out how to come up with a good enough idea to write almost 1700 words every day… for the 30 days of November!

How do writers come up with ideas for novels…

This is going to make for a very busy, and hopefully an exciting month, especially with Thanksgiving weekend!

God bless you, and good night.


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  1. I’m no help there I’m afraid.

    Almost all of my ideas just come to me. I either dream about something that I want to write down or it just pops into my head.

    Even then, it takes a lot if work to go from idea to paper.

    We’ll keep at it until you figure out the best idea for you!

    I’m always here!


  2. ironicallynotacoffeefan said:

    Having done, and completed nanowrimo twice, (first with 50k in four weeks and then 80k in three weeks) I may have some wisdom to impart.

    The first things I suggest, and cannot stress enough is not to over plan. DO however have a good idea of where you want your book to go. In my first year I started with nothing. Literally nothing. I had no idea where I was taking it or what I was even doing. The second year I made a meticulous chapter by chapter outline…I stuck to maybe 10% of it.

    So basically, have a beginning a middle and an end, but don’t stress the details. They WILL come. And the harsh truth of writing a book is that your first draft is quite possibly even less than half of the work required to finish it. That said, nanowrimo is all about having fun and writing a book. So just write, the story will come. All you need to do is sit and hit your keyboard for a few hours every day while drinking a bunch of coffee!

    Good luck!


    • Wow! 80K in three weeks! Here I am stressing over 50k in 4 weeks.

      I sure appreciate the encouragement and the advice. Since I haven’t done much yet, what you sugggest sounds great! I know I have a whole month to choose what to do, but I will feel better once I know where my store will be starting… and going… in November.

      You didn’t mention if you plan to do the challenge this year…


      • ironicallynotacoffeefan said:

        No problem, Glad to help!

        Ack! I forgot that, I AM doing it this year! I took a break last year (against my will) and plan to go for a 50k goal again. Super excited! 😀

        If you’ve got an account on the nanowriom website and want to be writing buddies my username is “Achilleus”.


  3. Good luck with NaNoWriMo. This is my first year, and much like you, I have recently decided to take the plunge and finally realize my dream of writing a novel. I look forward to reading about your adventure.


    • Thanks for your encouragement. I just read on your blog that your oldest daughter is joining you at NaNoWriMo. I’m trying to convince my daughter to join me. She homeschools, plus running the children to ballet, piano and violin lessons, and other family obligations. Not sure she’ll have time, but maybe I can talk her into it.


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