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Visit to Amish community

My daughter had an appointment today near an Amish community, so we decided to spend the afternoon driving around the country lanes.

We travelled many roads and saw dozens of beautiful, well-kept homes, barns and gardens, with black buggies parked near some of the houses or barns. Clean clothes hung on lines to dry. A few children played near a house, worked in gardens or walked behind horses while tilling the land.

Everyone we passed who was driving buggies or wagons on the road waved to us. We were happy to return a friendly wave.

Many of Amish families who have items or services to sell have homemade signs posted at the end of their driveway. We slowed down to read each sign and stopped at three of the homes.

We bought a big box of blue lake green beans at the first house. They also had dairy products to sell, but we had no place to keep it fresh.

My grandchildren, who had been riding in the van with us for over four hours, asked if they could get out.

The very kind woman we met had five children at home (seven in all); two boys and two girls (the baby was napping) came over to meet us and my grandchildren had a grand time with them, sneaking peeks at the eleven one-day old piglets and the sow, two calves and cows, horses, dogs, kittens, goats, roosters, chickens and baby chicks.

We spent over half an hour chatting with the mother (and children), sharing funny stories and asking a few questions. We were reluctant to leave.

She recommended the next house, where we bought red tomatoes, green tomatoes, peanuts, strawberry jam, blackberry jam, and apple butter.

This woman had four children helping her (three boys and a girl). After making my purchase, I looked around to see my grandson in a wagon with the three boys. He had asked if he could go with them to pick tomatoes. Afterwards, they let him drive the horse and wagon back to the house. He was thrilled!

The third place no one was home. We were told by a neighbor that the people would be back tomorrow.

Everyone we met was friendly and welcoming. Prices for the fresh produce, jams and apple butter were half what we have paid at our local grocers. We made plans to keep in touch with the first family by mail.

Except for a traffic jam on the interstate, causing a one-hour delay, the day was a special one for our family.

Goodnight and God bless…


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