Sharing my good days and bad days

Well, we have 10 more days until we are officially started writing our 50,000 word novels!


I’ve wanted to do this for several years, but never thought I had the time to commit to it. Now I’m committed… I sitll don’t think I have the time… and I think I’m crazy for thinking I could write over 1600 words every day for 30 days!

What was I thinking???

I’m up at six-ish on weekdays to get ready for work; back home by 5:00 most nights. But there’s so much to think about – family time, Bible study, errands, meals, getting ready for the next day, as well as looking for time to relax.

Weekends are even worse! Even if we leave early on Saturday, it’s rare to get back home from errands and exercise and whatever else crops up… by mid afternoon.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not fussing about my life. I enjoy keeping busy… even my relaxing moments are spent knitting while chatting with a friend or while watching a family movie.

It’s just that… I’ve got a bad case of cold feet… and they’re getting colder as each day passes… by November 1st they’ll be two blocks of ice!

So what I really need is for the days to fly by… because I really think once I’ve begun, I will begin to enjoy myself… so much that I’ll be disappointed when December gets here!

Hurry up, November!


by the way, thanks so much for reading my blog! have a great day!


Comments on: "NANOWRIMO – 10 more days…" (5)

  1. Right there with you. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on how you want to look at it), I have put it out there in too many places that I am doing NaNoWriMo to back out now, and I won’t let you either!

    This is going to be so much fun, it is going to be a real challenge and, in the end, we will all come out of it better for having done it. Make sure your on my buddy list and check my blog for updates through out November.


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