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My first nano novel

After sitting down and really giving it a lot of thought, I came up with several ideas for my first novel…

1- poor little rich girl – could be a great story, but I have no idea how to relate to this type of character!

2- obsessively religious husband/ father – maybe not the best choice just before the holiday season.

3- inept Amish teenager, unable to fit in, even among those in her family and community – is this even possible?

And the winner is…

Synopsis: Emma is not a typical Amish teenager… cooking, cleaning, sewing – everything is a challenge! Although she tries, everything she cooks is inedible – she either fails to cook it long enough to be done or it burns (picture charcoal).

Even when cleaning, Emma ends up breaking something… and every time she tries to sew or quilt, she stabs herself with a needle, makes a mess when cutting out a pattern, or finishes to discover it doesn’t fit!

This November, Emma determines to create a Christmas quilt – one that, if she were not Amish, she could be proud of.

One way or another, Emma desires to overcome her failures and succeed at something before the year ends.

“Emma! What have you done now?”

If I’ve heard those words once, I’ve heard them a thousand times…


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