Sharing my good days and bad days

Last night I participated in our sock wars, but my heart wasn’t in it. As soon as I could I scurried off to bed.

My daughter wouldn’t let it go…

“Mom, are you angry at someone? Are you upset about something? What’s wrong?”

I decided to be brutally honest with her.

“I detest taking my clothes off and shivering (sometimes sweating) while waiting an hour or more for someone to show up, just to be prodded, poked, and asked a million questions, while sitting or lying on an uncomfortable table, while my stomach makes rude gurgling noises because I’ve had nothing to eat since last night.”

It’s true – I really hate going to the doctors office.

I’m a ‘senior’ age, overweight, and I’m very modest; taking my clothes off is embarrassing. Some visits allow clothing but this one is the complete physical my insurance company demands every year.

I’m diabetic… the moment I wake up I reach for my water. so of course today I wake up extra thirsty… and starving… and an hour early!

(At least it gave me time to vent on my blog – aren’t you glad?)

My daughter, who is my best friend, will insist on driving me. She know from experience that I won’t feel like driving, especially afterwards (until I’ve eaten).

Anyway, the last doctor visit I had was in April. I was supposed to go back in 4 weeks… I didn’t even make it in 4 months!

The reason for that was the waiting…

Each visit the wait time was longer, even when there were no other patients in the waiting area. And when you feel so sick you can hardly hold your head up, and are left to wait on the table for 55 minutes, while listening to your doctor (just outside your door) chatting with another associate about vacation trips… well, that was my last visit there.

So in addition to the dreaded physical, this is also a visit to a new group of doctors. One highly recommended by a close friend.

I hope it goes well…

My next stop will be for food!

Hey, what’s the longest you’ve ever waited to see your doctor? My all-time record is just over 3 hours! I’d love you to post a comment, sharing your longest wait time.


Comments on: "Let’s get physical… or not" (2)

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t realize immediately what had you so upset,


    • That’s ok. When I sell my nano novel and get rich, I can convert to Amish and never go back to the doctor – unless I choose to! LOL not really. I love and respect the Amish people I’ve met, but I’m not ready to leave behind my cellphone, laptop, and piano.


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