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NaNoWriMo – Day 5


My grandchildren have recently discovered tree climbing! Every day they eagerly run outside to climb the nearby tree.


When I was their age, I loved climbing trees. I’m glad they can experience this. I love that my grandchildren would rather be outside playing, even with nothing but trees, rocks, and fresh air, than to be inside, watching television or playing electronic games!


Now back to NaNoWriMo…


Today I worked at catching up to the current word count goal, but so far I’m still behind.

The daily word count goal today is about 8,333 – my current word count is 7,231.

This is way too short for my nerves, but if I don’t catch up during the week, I plan to spend as much time as needed this weekend on it, hoping to pass whatever the current goal on that day…

Day 5 goal: 8333
Day 5 words: 7231

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  1. I hope you get ahead, there is still time!


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