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NaNoWriMo – Day 9

Today is the famous November 9 Writing Marathon Day for everyone signed up to write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November!

You probably won’t be surprised by this post… you can guess what happens when you make plans to attend a writing marathon… especially one which has been planned and publicized by all who are following NaNoWriMo.

Our local group met at the nearby mall; the idea was to move to a different location in the mall every hour. My grandchildren are also writing in the Young Writers Program – so they were going with us. We stopped to pick up a few supplies, then got to the mall and looked for our group.

They were all at one long table at the food court. Half of them were eating lunch; some were chatting, some surfing the Internet, and two or three were writing. We ordered food and sat down. By the time we finished lunch and began writing, the group decided to move. Yep, it was about time.

So we all headed upstairs. Then we were told we couldn’t stay together there because we were blocking too much of the hallway. So everyone spread out, sat down against a wall, and began to write (except those who were socializing).

After about 30 minutes, I headed back downstairs to find a restroom. My family quickly caught up with me… to ask if we could make other plans. We did… we tried a local fast food restaurant, but their electrical outlets were covered (and we needed to recharge laptops), so we headed home.

When we got home, we all discovered the most anyone had written was just a little over 100 words! Not much of a writing marathon, huh? So now we’re back to sitting at home, writing at the table.

Oh well, back to writing 1000 words every evening. At this rate, I will have 40,000 words by the end of November. Not something to be ashamed of; I think that’s something to be proud of. So what if it isn’t NaNoWriMo’s goal and I’m not a NaNo Winner.

I’ve decided to be happy with myself, no matter what my word count is on November 30th…

I’m not asking anyone else to stop doing NaNoWriMo… and I intend to keep blogging every day until the end of November. And I don’t mean to sound discouraging or critical. I intend to give it as much time and work as I have for these nine days.

MY GOAL: to write every day until the end of November!

You can still see my word count each time you visit my blog… just look for the box at the top right, next to my current post.


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo – Day 9" (4)

  1. I hear you. The constant stream of comments and tweets have been more distracting than helpful to me today. I’ve written a whopping 150 words today.
    whoo hoo!
    Think I’ll be going back to doing word sprints. They’re much more productive.


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