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NaNoWriMo – Day 16

the writer

Am I high maintenance?

It’s Day 16… I have passed the daily goal again, but I want to rant a bit, ok?

I was very excited about joining NaNoWriMo this year (my first year). I jumped in with both feet, hoping for the best.

Wanting to do everything I could to succeed, I joined the local WriMo group. But instead of being encouraged, I always come away discouraged.

I have taken my family to the “family friendly” meetings. Everyone in my family is signed up with NaNoWriMo so we’re all writing – even the kids. But we always leave the meetings soon after arriving because…

What do you do when the adults are walking around and talking loud, making it hard to write… but the people at nearby tables keep making comments about kids not belonging at the meetings, where writers are trying to bring up their word count.

Hello… the adults are the ones disrupting. The kids are sitting quietly, writing.

It is pretty obvious that the atmosphere is not friendly to families…

We tried at the first meeting. We tried at the November 9th gathering at the mall (talk about loud and disruptive…whew). We tried tonight. We give up.

We will have our own meetings, with word wars and prizes and treats. We will stop feeling discouraged. We will make it to the end.


By the way, the two meetings (the one tonight and the one on November 9th) were especially for those who were behind but want to catch up their word count to the daily word count goal… this does not apply to any of us, as we are ahead of the daily goal… we just wanted a little socialization with others doing the challenge, but I get more encouragement from those who respond and reply to my daily blogs.

Okay, so if you just read the above paragraph, you know I really want encouragement and response from others doing the challenge – through this blog.

For all those who have already responded to my blog,


Comments on: "NaNoWriMo – Day 16" (7)

  1. What a great idea to involve the whole family including the children. This will be a good confidence-building adventure for them as they see what they can accomplish. You’ll all build memories that you will talk about for a long time. You go, Girl!


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  3. Your are doing wonderful. I know those that have already exceeded 50k make it look easy, but it is not. Writing 50k in 30 days is a real challenge and you are succeeding. Keep up the good work!


  4. This makes me feel better about not making it to any of the write-ins! How discouraging an experience but you know what, you are totally in the right. It is great that you got your kids involved and too bad that some narrow-minded adults don’t get that. Good for you for going your own way and for not allowing anyone to slow you down. It’s also a great lesson for the kids to ignore those who may try to discourage you and find a creative solution. Good luck!


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