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NaNoWriMo – Day 22


The days are passing quickly… day 22 is almost gone (or it will be by the time I get off work and take my family out to dinner, stop for snacks and head back home) – I may have a couple of hours to write!

The accumulated daily goal for Day 21 was 35,000… I just passed the goal in time to hurriedly shower and fall into bed, exhausted.

Yesterday my plan was to write an extra 1000 words – HA! Instead, I found myself going back to the beginning of the novel and filling in gaps. I don’t think we’re supposed to do that now, it might be considered editing, but it worked out ok for me, since I did reach the goal and pass it ever so slightly.

And tonight… tomorrow… Sunday…

So far, weekends have been my worst time to write – the first weekend I got behind and last weekend I barely got caught up, but I’ve stayed caught up all week, so perhaps this weekend I will forge ahead.

My goal is to get all 15,000 words written by Monday or Tuesday and pass the 50,000 mark. Once I’m officially declared a winner, then I can go back and fill in more gaps and do some serious editing.

Will I write 15,000 in 72-96 hours… who knows?


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