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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today’s review is for The Mitford Snowmen and Esther’s Gift, both by Jan Karon, as part of her Christmas in Mitford gift set. You can find my review at donnasbookshelf…

These short stories are the perfect gift for a Jan Karon book lover!

I chuckled the whole time I was reading The Mitford Snowmen, as Father Tim and his friends compete to see who can build the best snowman on the block.

Esther’s Gift is just as hilarious when she begins cutting her gift list after figuring out that her famous orange marmalade cakes are worth around $40 each! Thankfully the spirit of Christmas wins!

These short stories can be read quickly, but the laughs will make your whole day better. Maybe I’d better save the rest for the review, rather than writing it all here 🙂

The grandchildren are expecting company today – and Christmas money! Mom will be begged to visit the mall soon, I’m sure. But it’s December… time for smiles, laughter, giving, and all things good.

I’ll be heading home in a few hours to finish reading the next book to review for Abingdon fiction.

Oh and we will be using the last of the turkey and vegetables to make a turkey potpie tonight – it’s the first time, so I hope it turns out well.

Have a good day and God bless you.


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