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Happy Thursday! It’s DAY 5 and we’re getting closer to Christmas every day!

Of course the bad news is… it will soon be here and gone for another year. The day after Christmas… actually the week after Christmas seems a little sad. We have to wait a whole year for another Christmas!

Today I wrote a book review that I didn’t really feel too good about… Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber.

This book was used to create a family-type movie and it was very good. I bought a copy to play for my family around Christmas time.

To be truthful, I almost didn’t finish it… the very first line of the first paragraph of the first chapter (you get the message) has a swear word.

Now, I’m not perfect – far from it, but I have [thankfully] never swore at my children, or granchildren, or even my spouse (although I felt like it a few times when we were married). I don’t want anyone to swear at me, so I pay the same respect back.

However, my daughter reminded me that many people swear – even at small children. So I gave it a try. Then on page three… more swearing (aka cussing, cursing, foul language – there’s lots of ways to identify it, even a “pardon my french”).

Still wanting to quit, I gave it one more try… and I got all the way to page 74 before I stumbled across another one, so I kept reading, but I confess I used white-out on all the swear words.

Although some people might not agree with me, in case you are wondering why I go to such extremes, it is because several years ago I made the choice to not fill my mind with any more bad language. If swear words don’t bother you, you will probably enjoy the book. I didn’t have time to read another book and post a review today, so I went ahead and posted this one. You can read it HERE.


Honestly, I am saddened that Ms. Macomber thinks everyone swears… or doesn’t mind swearing. The cover of the book (shown above) says “National Bestselling Author of Touched by Angels and A Season of Angels“… that gave me the idea that this is a Christian book, but swear words do not belong in a Christian book, a Christian home, or a Christian mind/heart.

There was also a lot of kissing by the young couple in the book on their first date, which most people do on dates (even on first dates), but my family is following the ways of courting.

In a courtship, the couple usually doesn’t kiss until they become engaged, or even more common, until their wedding day, after they’re pronounced man and wife. Old-fashioned? Yes. But the divorce rate is almost nil for couples who respect each other enough to wait until marriage.

So… this is my post. I sincerely hope there are readers who agree with the principles our family is trying to follow.

God bless you.

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  1. I agree with you! *wink* *wink*


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