Sharing my good days and bad days



If you read yesterday’s post, you remember that we were planning to surprise my grandchildren by driving downtown to attend the 2013 Christmas Parade downtown… well, we did.

First, we drove around looking for a parking space, but it didn’t take too long, thankfully.

Then we walked through Market Square and Krutch Park… there are stores on either side, with trees, water, statues, and a temporary ice rink in the midst of it. Lots of beautiful Christmas lights are everywhere!

Then we still had time to wait, so we walked over to the Mast General Store, where I found a cool “healthy back bag” in teal. I guess that’s my Christmas gift to myself. And it was a very reasonable price, too. I bought a gift for my daughter for Christmas, and a few pieces of candy for my grandchildren, plus 2 bags of freshly popped popcorn for them to munch on.

Then we walked along the parade route until we found a good place to watch the parade. The floats were beautiful. There were many different churches represented and the children enjoyed seeing the angels and nativity scenes. There were smart cars, motorcycles, dancers, bands, the Mayfield cow and Santa. There was a pretty good crowd and everyone seemed to have a good time, except for a few toddlers. All in all, it was very well done.

The bad news is… it rained a little on and off from the time we got there, until time for the parade to start. Just after it began it started raining hard… and it continued to rain as we ran for the car. We made sure we all had raincoats with hoods, umbrellas, gloves and scarves. But as my daughter reminded me later, raincoats are “rain resistant” not “rainproof“!


Now, my Timex watch is waterproof (well, she says it’s not waterproof either… it’s water resistant, but I wear it 24/7 and I’ve had it in the shower and the pool and it works great!) and it made it through the evening fine. My coat leaked, mostly at the seams I think, and my long-sleeved shirt was soaken wet by the time I made it to the car, as well as my leather gloves and denim skirt. We actually left just before Santa made his trip down the street, so we made good time getting home. No, we didn’t make the grandchildren leave before they saw Santa – they asked to leave so they could go home and get warm and dry. It was very cold… and windy.

When we got home we all spent a few minutes taking turns getting a hot shower to stop the chills. I suggested everyone change into flannel pajamas since it was time for bed. It was a good idea… warm and cozy.

My granddaughter has fussed some today, but thankfully she seems to be okay tonight. All in all, we have decided that the event was good, although we might think twice about going next time if it’s raining 🙂

Good night, stay warm and God bless you.


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