Sharing my good days and bad days


Happy Sunday! Only 17 more days til Christmas!

How many of you have written a post, only to find when you save it as a draft (or publish it), that some of it is missing

I have no idea where it goes (or where it went, when it happened to me a few days ago). I pulled up the preview and it was all there, yet when I went back into it (edit post) to fix a spelling error, much of it was missing, including the part that had the misspelled word. I had like half a paragraph at the beginning, part of one at the end and nothing else!

How does that happen? And what are you supposed to do? While I panicked, my daughter stayed calm… “Mom, don’t panic. Just get completely out of the program, then go back and it will probably be fine.”

It wasn’t… so I had the brand new experience of going back and checking through several saved drafts, until I found one with the five missing paragraphs (plus parts of the other paragraphs that were missing) and I fixed the spelling error and updated it.

So now every paragraph or so, I hit save draft. If I add a picture or pertinent data, I hit save draft. I may have 20 or more versions by the time the post is actually published, but I’m nothing if not prepared!


I forgot to tell you yesterday that I reviewed another Christmas book… this one was A Christmas for Katie by Shelley Shepard Gray. If you want to read my review, you can find it HERE

Now I’m going to go and spend what’s left of the day with my family.

God Bless You.

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