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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… our family loves driving through neighborhoods at night, admiring the beautiful lights and decorations.

December is a slow down, enjoy the time kind of month for us. Homeschooling is pared back to a few fun basics. We can do this since we homeschool throughout the year and it makes December much more fun.

Our first year of homeschooling, we tried taking time off in the summer, but the children wanted to “do school” so we worked out a schedule that works better for our family. We make December very flexible, then take a week off in April, the last week in May (homeschool conference), the last week of July, and Thanksgiving week. Even with sick days and extra day soff, we still end up with more school days than required and everyone is happy!

I dearly love that my grandcildren are homeschooled. They are learning so much more, to my way of thinking. They have their regular curriculum, but they are also able to study anything else that they take an interest in… my grandson loves to read and is fascinated with science and history – he’s always asking questions; my granddaughter enjoys “teaching” her dolls and stuffed animals.

We try to find time for field trips, especially those that are pertinent to what we’re studying, and I try to go along whenever possible. We have the best time and the children are flourishing! It’s wonderful!

Comments on: "25 Days til Christmas – Day 11" (2)

  1. homeschooling is a great adventure. I homeschooled my daughters for a couple years, until my brain snapped (there is 4 years difference in grades), talking about the fuedal system and my youngest asked if her cursive G was correct and I realized I wasn’t cut out for it! I did love seeing how they learned, what caused them stress and what they could grasp easily. Gave me insight for the rest of their educational lives. Enjoy the time with them, it’s the best time.


  2. That sounds wonderful… and clever.
    Merry Christmas!


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