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When there is no tree….

Yes! There is a spirit of Christmas, no matter if you decorate, cook, or celebrate.

There is still something special about Christmas Day!

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I did…


Thirty five years ago, hubby and I were living in Japan.  We were waiting the arrival of our first child.  We were excited beyond words during that  time.
We were living in government quarters on an abandoned WWII Japanese airstrip.  The housing area was situated along two very long, wide roads which once were the runways for the Japanese planes.  Our house was situated at the end of the runways, the half circle area where the planes taxi from one strip to the other.  It was a beautiful place, as we had no neighbors, except the other side of our duplex.  There was a big open field in front of our house and looking out past the field, some farmlands and the bay that was below our area, was a magnificent view of Mt Fuji.  We were able to see this view from our living room and bedroom.  It is…

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  1. I am humbled that you liked this. This is the first time someone has reblogged something of mine. Now, you have me in tears…. stupid allergies… 🙂


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