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We’re almost halfway to Christmas… There are special events coming up and everyone is excited…

It’s very cold here, no snow expected. That’s pretty normal for East Tennessee. But there are special events to enjoy:

Sundays are for Christmas services and programs, weekends are for looking for special gifts for those we love and driving around town to look at all the Christmas decorations… some house have only a beautiful tree, while some have a “Griswold” scene with lights, Santa, snowmen, reindeer, signs, etc.

Personally, I enjoy the more simple decorations… a beautiful tree in a window, or wreaths with one candle in each window, or a beautifully lit Christmas tree in the front yard… or a bright star. We usually see at least one house in the neighborhood that has a tree in the window and a big star (white lights strung on the garage).

I remember when my grandchildren were little, one was afraid of the giant snowman in a yard, the other was afraid of the giant blown-up Mr. Grinch figure.

But we all agree that one of our favorite sights is a nativity scene and a bright star. It just feels that the people in these houses are a blessing to us, and to God, for showing the true meaning of Christmas.


God bless you, at Christmas time, and always.

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