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10 more days to Christmas…

When I was a young girl, when someone mentioned a living Christmas tree, it meant that a real evergreen tree that was growing in someone’s yard had been decorated for Christmas… lights, decorations, bows, garland… the options were endless, but in the end it meant a live tree that was decorated to look like a Christmas tree.

Today it can also mean a choir, its’ members being placed in an arrangement to resemble the shape of a Christmas tree. 


I don’t think I could be at the star position, looking down on all the rows of people below me, and even further down at the congregation of people listening. My knees would shake so much my legs wouldn’t be able to hold me up!

But it is a beautiful sight to behold. 


Today we will celebrate Christmas with Wallace Memorial Baptist Church and their 2013 Living Christmas Tree.

Now it is time to get ready… I want to be early, because it gets very crowded. If you are in Knoxville, I encourage you to attend as many Christian events in the next 10 days as you can work into your schedule.


God bless you… today, at Christmas time, and always.

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  1. enjoy this time. It sounds wonderful.


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