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7 more days til Christmas!

Last night when I arrived home, I discovered that a trip to the grocery store was planned. So I got back in the car, with my family this time, and away we went.

We were going for chocolate… nope, not the kind you drink… or the kind you unwrap and eat… but the kind you slowly melt, then dip all sorts of goodies into it, creating a yummy chocolate coating.

But being so near to Christmas, no chocolate was to be found. Another plan was needed… quickly!

After a bit of discussion, it was decided that we would make mini pumpkin loaves to give to my co-workers and friends. My daughter spent the entire morning and much of the afternoon, but delivered the ones needed for my co-workers in plenty of time, securely wrapped for freshness… and gaily wrapped in brightly colored tissue paper and ribbons on the outside.

It was such a joy to pass out these little gifts. I asked my daughter and two grandchildren to help and they had a great time. Tomorrow I will be passing out more goodies…


Merry Christmas!


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