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5 more days til Christmas!

Wow! Just 5 more days!

I love the last week… we try to save a few things to shop for and purposely go out shopping, knowing it’s almost Christmas. There’s a feeling in the air, one of excitement… celebration… joy!

This is also my last workday… In just 4 hours I will be leaving work and my Christmas holiday will officially begin! YAY!

We have errands to run after work, then on the way home, we’ll drive through a different neighborhood to admire the lights and decorations. We try to vary our route each night.

Tomorrow I get to sleep late! Hurray!

Of course that means I’ll wake at my usual time, but I don’t “have” to get up… but I usually do. I’ll probably sneak into the family room to start a Christmas CD or movie… it’s fun early in the mornings, to snuggle up in my favorite soft UT blanket and watch a Christmas movie, evoking feelings of joy.

Then it’s time to head to the kitchen to make my favorite omelet – it’s a bit different each time, depending on what’s in the refrigerator. And once everyone is up and ready for the day, we’ll check our list to see what we want to do.

One thing we do is to let the grandchildren pass out little candy canes to other children they meet. These candy canes are securely wrapped, and have the story of the candy cane on the back of the wrapper.

There are different variations of the story, but essentially there was a Candy maker who made a candy to tell the real Christmas story.

He chose pure white candy for the virgin birth and to remind us that Jesus is sinless and he made the candy hard so it would remind us that Jesus is the solid rock we can depend on and that all God’s promises are solid.

The candymaker made the candy in the shape of a “J” to remind us of Jesus who was born a tiny baby and became our Savior.

Then the candymaker added stripes. Real candy canes have three small stripes for the beatings that Jesus took so that we can receive healing, and a big stripe for the blood Jesus shed on the cross so we can have eternal life.

My grandchildren love handing these out to other children. I’m hoping it is a good beginning to teaach them how to reach out to others with the message that Jesus loves us.


Merry Christmas!

Comments on: "25 Days of Christmas – Day 20" (3)

  1. Sounds wonderful, it really does. Enjoy each moment with your grandchildren. We are hoping that we can still make it up to see our grandson. The Lord bless you this last week before the celebration of His birth. Thanks for this post, it was great.


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