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I love the beautiful Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, don’t you?

Every year, it seems to be the most beautiful Christmas tree, although I have only ever seen it on the Internet. I’ve never visited New York City… that is a future goal.

When do you take down your Christmas tree and decorations? I’d love you to reply with your own traditions…

Christmas Day was just 2 days ago… we keep our tree and decorations up til New Year’s Day, although that’s not set in stone. One year my children were away, I was sad… so I took them down on December 30th. And if my granddaughter had anything to say about it, they would stay up til February!

I will also continue to wish everyone a Merry Christmas… until New Year’s Eve (at least) so…




Comments on: "12/27: Christmas tree and decorations… when is it time to pack them away?" (2)

  1. Like you, my goal is to take them down on New Years day. I usually have the day off so it makes it easy to do it then. If my wife had her way they would never come down 🙂


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