Sharing my good days and bad days

12/28 Gilmore Girls


My daughter and I spent some time this weekend watching a few of our favorite Gilmore Girls episodes on DVD…

… and if you are a huge fan, don’t bother reading any further, because it is definitely true that if you don’t watch television or movies for awhile, when you do you will be shocked by things you never noticed in the past.


Bad language, revealing clothes, sexual innuendoes, put downs… there is way more than enough inappropriate language, outfits and relationships for one show!

The weird thing is, years ago this was a show we both loved, so we were looking forward to reliving some of our favorite scenes… sometimes funny (and sometimes sad).

I had never noticed before that the few times God was mentioned, it was never, ever in a positive way.

All in all this is something I never plan to watch again. I’ll probably miss it at times, but it is definitely not a good example of how I should be living my life, so we’re now collecting good examples…

Tom Harmon, David Gibbs Jr, Chris Hogan, Jim Sammons, Creation Museum and Moody science videos… just to name a few.

We also have a few current family movies, but they must pass pretty high standards.

I’m interested in how other families deal with television and movies…

Do you hold on to your standards?

If so, do family members and friends respect your choice?


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