Sharing my good days and bad days

Snowing in Knoxville?


It’s snowing in Knoxville!

All day the forecast has fluctuated… Snow predicted at 4pm… 5pm… 8pm…

Knowing my grandchildren (and daughter) would love to experience snow, I picked up my family after work and headed west.

We stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel. Around 6pm, halfway through our meal, we began noticing the snow coming down, seen in the headlights of the vehicles outside.

We finished and went out to drive around in it, relishing the beauty we rarely see.

At one point, I pulled into an empty parking lot and let the kids get out to play for awhile. Finally we called them back in and drive around awhile longer before heading for home.


A great time was had by all.

God bless you.

If you love snow, I hope you receive some…

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