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Mission to complete

My family tries to make appropriate choices but not to be judgmental of others.

I say this because if you teach your children that smoking is harmful, they tend to want to share this idea with everyone who smokes.

It can be even more difficult when others’ choices are blatantly immodest or immoral. But we must remember that we are only responsible for our own choices.

So how do you make the right choices? Reject pretty much everything that’s of the world.

One way is to imagine Jesus being born 30 years ago, then beginning his same mission today… would he smoke, drink, curse, dress or act immodestly/ inappropriately?

Would he waste time (television and internet especially gobbles up huge amounts of time) or would he use His time wisely?

I don’t think so. He didn’t come here to party or to “have a good time”. He came to give life and to carry out His Father’s will.

And he knew his time was short…

How do you spend your time?

Do you get up early to pray and read your Bible? Do you make time during each day to witness to others? Do you fast? Do you tithe?

Do you visit those in need (even those who are alone and in need of fellowship)? Do you make time every day for your family?

If you have children, do you encourage music lessons… especially string instruments? Do you homeschool?

Do you purpose to stay out of debt? This means waiting to buy a home, car, appliances, etc. until you have saved enough to buy without loans or credit cards.

I hope you will consider these things, my friends. Jesus wasn’t the only one with a mission to complete. We all have a mission… are you completing yours?


Comments on: "Mission to complete" (4)

  1. Incredible! I love this post, it is an exhortation and one that I need to read often. Thank you!


  2. Hi DJ (great name by the way!)

    Thanks for liking my post over at I love your post, and it seems that we share many views on turning our backs on the world, and living for Christ.

    I can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog!

    Faith and Blessings,



    • Thanks, Kat.

      I’m still a little new at blogging, but I’m enjoying the encouraging blogs I’ve found, especially ones like yours.




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