Sharing my good days and bad days

New office woes

Today our office moved into a new building… 20 miles from the old building!

That’s a long move!

And it went this way… I get there a little early and begin unpacking my car. We’re shown to our area of the building. My cubicle is up front in the spot a receptionist would sit (I’m not a receptionist, but probably the closest thing our office has to one).

The network cables were installed on the wall that was covered by a cubicle wall, so an border was placed for another network cable to be ran in a more convenient spot. It was done by noon, but not patched into the network panel until about 2:30, so no phone or computer work.

I have one overhead storage him with no lock, and 3 drawers locked but no key! Both were temporarily fixed by noon.

Much of my day was spent unpacking… and cleaning up my area (from the new network cable installation).

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!



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