Sharing my good days and bad days

March 3 – Day 3

Woohoo! My first pound lost!


Of course, I know the first ones are the easiest to lose. I’m just happy when I step on the scales and the number decreases! Eventually if it takes longer, that will be okay, since it will mean I have much less to lose than I do now.

I’m thinking about how my family can make lunchtime our bigger meal and dinnertime a smaller meal. After dinner, there’s not as much activity, so it makes more sense to eat less, although it might be difficult to do. Eating at work means I don’t have the time, or setup, to eat like I can at home.

Day 2 went pretty well… we drove to “The Cove” to walk (the kids took their scooters). After walking the trail twice, we were heading back to the truck when it began to sprinkle. We got back just in time!

We stopped on the way home to pick up a tire tube for my grandson’s bike, but when we got home we discovered we had bought the wrong size. So it’ll need to be exchanged for a bigger one.

At home we made some chili… after it was done, we enjoyed a bowl, adding shredded cheese and a few corn chips. Did you know 16 corn chips has 160 calories!!!

Happy Monday!


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