Sharing my good days and bad days

March 7 – Day 7

Finally… after eating vegetable fried rice with soy sauce and gaining some water weight back, I’ve gotten the salt out of my system and I’ve lost the water weight.

Now it’s time to lose more than just water!

As shown below, my daughter fixed homemade chili a few days ago, and we enjoyed some of the leftovers last night. It was really good! But I was careful with my portion.


On another note…

I just want to stop and take time to tell my friends how awesome you are!

It’s really nice when you can call a friend to chat, only to be interrupted by calls from your family, and they totally understand… thanks, Cris!

And it’s even nicer when you call a friend because you’re upset over something you just read and you need to talk about it, and they patiently give you all the time you need, and you hang up feeling SO much better… thanks, Cindy!

Good night and God bless!


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