Sharing my good days and bad days

March 10 – Day 10

Good morning!

Since it seems normal for everyone to dread Mondays, I say “Let’s embrace today… and be thankful that we have another Monday to enjoy!

I hope you remembered to move your clocks forward and you are getting used to the new time. It usually takes me at least a week to get used to the time changes – gaining or losing an hour.


Saturday I had a “comfort food” day… Sunday was a nice, restful day, with my daughter trying to write several thousand words on a novel she has begun, so I entertained the grandchildren. We planned a picnic… just up the hill from our apartment, under a big tree. We didn’t have the picnic; we took the kids to ride bikes while we walked.

It was a beautiful day!

Now… today… I need to remind myself of my goal: 75 pounds…

I’m going to walk… and write down what I eat… and eat healthy food… and weigh every day…

Until I reach my goal.

(I only wish it were as easy as it sounds)…

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