Sharing my good days and bad days


… and I QUIT!

My family is decked out in green today… there’s nothing my grandchildren enjoy more on St. Paddy’s Day than to do a little pinching! So I pick out my clothes the day before and thankfully get up before they do.


Now I guess it’s time to share my weight loss progress…

I quit!

Yep. I quit.

I will share one reason on today’s blogpost… and I plan to discuss other reasons for my decision in the future on this blog.

Oh, I still plan to walk every day – and watch my carbs (to control my diabetes).

But any weight loss will be purely accidental… and I’ll proudly proclaim it as such to anyone who mentions it.

Lately I’ve noticed several people in my life who have mentioned their need (or desire) to lose weight. They are very concerned about it. One might even say “obsessed” about it.

But the strange thing is… these are healthy, active people. But even more strange is their appearance… all of them look as if they have little – or no fat on their bodies.

I will even go as far as stating that two of them look as if they need to gain 10-15 pounds just to look healthy!

Their faces and bodies remind me of people who… well, I can’t think of a nice way to say it, so I won’t go there, but they are way too skinny. One person admits to weighing less than 130 pounds. And that might seem a lot to you, but to someone who’s close to six feet tall, it doesn’t “look” like a lot of weight to me!

These are professional people who have successful lives and families. So I am guessing that it’s the world’s opinion of how much a person should weigh that is pushing them to lose weight, even though their bodies exhibit just the opposite!

Therefore, I am going to stop stressing about how I look, and concentrate on how I act. After all, my “job” is to make Jesus look good. I need to smile more, while doing my best to follow His lead. If someone thinks I make Jesus look bad because I’m overweight, they’re certainly entitled to their opinion… and that is not my opinion. I’ve listened to the world for far too long.

As I mentioned yesterday, March is a difficult month for me.

If you knew you only had six months to live, would you really worry about dieting, or would you live every day doing what makes you happy?

If I live past April 30th, I will have lived seven years longer than my mom… and ten years longer than my sister.

So I hope you’ll encourage me to stop worrying about my weight, and to enjoy each and every day that God blesses me with.

God bless you.

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  1. Beautiful post. I know when I passed the marker of how long my mother lived, it was very difficult for me. I almost felt lost. I can’t imagine the difficulty in losing a sister. For these two reasons, I am so sorry. As for the weight, yes, we all have our issues, and after looking at pictures I took last week with my grandson, I am a bit lumpy. Actually I am really lumpy. But, this I know, if I try to lose weight I fail. When I give it to the Lord and ask for Him to keep me moving and eating correctly, it begins to fall off. I need to do this again, but there are so many other things we can think about and work towards. Great post, thank you for sharing this.


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