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Today I want to promote an exciting book giveaway I’m doing on my bookshelf…

Falling to Pieces is the first book in the Shipshewana Amish Mystery series by Vannetta Chapman.

My wonderful daughter gave me the entire Shipshewana Amish Mystery series by Vannetta Chapman last Christmas.

Since I will be reviewing all three books in the series, plus Vannetta’s newest mystery, Murder Simply Brewed, I wanted to see if a book giveaway would be a good idea… although I’m hoping to get a few more followers, the main reason for the giveaway is because I have enjoyed reading these books so much, I really want to share them with everyone!

So how do you win?

Well, you don’t have to go to raffle copter or register on any other websites…

All you need to do is fill in the form on:

Click SUBMIT and that’s it. Then on Saturday, March 29th, I’m going to print off each entry and let my grandson randomly choose one to pick the WINNER!


A few places you can read more about Falling to Pieces:

HERE for the book page at Zondervan.

HERE for GoodReads

HERE for Vannetta Chapman’s Website.

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