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My last post was about how we surprised my grandson with a trip to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center!

This is the place where you can find:


* Space Camp – grades 4-6 / ages 9-11
— aspiring explorers train to live and work in space. This is your opportunity to command, navigate and contribute to a sophisticated space mission simulation.

* Space Academy – grades 7-9 / ages 12-14
— incorporates real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and math education. Trainees prepare to become the new generation of lunar explorers, with hands-on activities that place them in the role of spacecraft designers/mission controllers and astronauts.

* Advanced Space Academy – grades 10-12 / ages 15-18
— enables high-school aged trainees to forge futures, make friends and explore careers. Trainees are immersed in science, technology, engineering and math education while focusing on college and career preparation.


They have Adult Space Academy, Space Camp Family Program, and Space Academy for Educators.

They even have free parking!


Join us!

God bless you!

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