Sharing my good days and bad days


Why is traveling harder the older we get?

When I was 18… I could ride/drive 10-12 hours, stopping only for food, fuel, and restroom breaks. When I arrived I would jump out of the car, ready for sun and fun!

Now if I drive (or even ride) for 3-4 hours, not only do I stop twice to rest and stretch out the kinks (in addition to the other items mentioned above) but I arrive feeling like I’ve put in 12 hours of hard, manual labor at a rock quarry!

And I don’t rest well… NEVER. I decided yesterday I’d never stay overnight anywhere again without my own pillow!

That’s not an insult to where we stayed – it was wonderful… clean, quiet, great food, wonderful hospitality!

But the past several years I seem to have more and more neck/back pain, which seems to only be helped by a gel pillow I bought a few months ago.


So I’ve put aside a bag that it fits in and from now on, it’ll be at the top of my packing list.

This pillow has made a vast improvement, with much less neck/back pain, headaches, and more restful sleep. A bonus is the coolness it exudes in the summer months. In the cold months, I merely turn it over, so the colder gel is on the bottom (away from my head).


The question you are wondering is… if it helps so much, why didn’t I take it on my weekend trip?

I don’t know. I guess I thought I’d be okay for just one night.

I thought wrong…

Next time, it goes with me.

God bless you and good night.

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