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Jennifer Beckstrand is one of the best Amish authors… and JC Morrows is one of the best reviewers… you’ll ever find!

JC's BookShelf

Huckleberry Summer by Jennifer BeckstrandOh my word, I’m not going to be able to do proper justice with this review. It is most certainly going to pale in comparison with Jennifer Beckstrand’s amazing talent.


If you loved Huckleberry Hill, do not miss Huckleberry Summer! Because the second book in this delightful new series is JUST AS ENJOYABLE as the first!

I REALLY hope Kensington realizes what a GEM they have found in Jennifer Beckstrand!

Every book she writes is fresh and original.

Each story is wonderfully different and each character is original and individual – which is exactly how it should be! Even in a community where everyone believes, behaves and dresses similar, they are all individuals and Jennifer obviously gets that!

It’s familiar, as it should be with a series, but nothing is the “same old thing” or a repeat of something you’ve read before. And our beloved matchmakers…

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