Sharing my good days and bad days

Singing in the rain…

How many of you enjoy thunderstorms?

I love all types of weather… but falling snow and thunderstorms are my favorites.

However, my grandchildren don’t enjoy thunderstorms – my young granddaughter cringes at the first “crack” of lightning! Then she runs for Mom!

Sometimes she’ll snuggle in my lap and I try to help her see how beautiful it can be… how God’s power is so much more than the lightning and He is watching over her.

Last year we seemed to have a shortage of rain; this year we have plenty of rain, and when I watch it coming down outside my apartment window, it makes me yearn for my own home… and a porch. Years ago when I rented a house, I would sit on the porch swing and watch it rain. Even in the winter, I would simply wrap a warm blanket around me, and sit out on the porch, enjoying the rain.

Well, God hasn’t blessed us with our own home yet, and it’s possible I won’t have a home until I reach Heaven. But while I’m here I’m going to keep on watching and praying for a home here on Earth… a place where we can have a small garden, and a few chickens, and plenty of room for the grandchildren to safely roam.

Of course I’ll write about it… if I find it.

In the meantime, I’ll give Him praise for what we do have… a comfy apartment.

God bless you and good night.


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