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Who has your heart?

I was inspired to write this post because of a post written by Kate, my wonderful online friend at:

Living to Please God

Kate wrote her post after being inspired by a wonderful post by Levi Thetford at:

Levi’s Daily Thoughts

Several years ago, my immediate family, after careful consideration, knowing that most of our family and friends would not understand, made the choice to do whatever it takes to put God first and let go of things that belong in the “world”. I’m sure we still have a ways to go… and much to “let go of” but I believe our sincere, heartfelt desire to serve God and delight God is the best choice we can make.

Saying this, we immediately disconnected our cable connection and had it turned off, then we threw out books, movies and music that was not uplifting or pleasing to God.

The ladies chose to stop wearing inappropriate outfits, including pants, shorts, sleeveless or low-cut tops… we went even farther and discontinued wearing makeup, unnecessary jewelry, nail polish, or anything that ladies wear to draw inappropriate attention to their bodies.

Before I go further, let me clarify that there are certainly times when ladies are more appropriate wearing pants – depending on the activity. My granddaughter wears blue jeans and a knee-length skirt (her choice) when she’s riding a horse or playing in the snow. We don’t require the skirt; she says she feels more like a lady when she wears it.

Not long ago, I wore knee length shorts when I joined a group at work who was walking outside, but after a few minutes I left and returned to the locker room to get my skirt. I felt self-conscious and couldn’t enjoy myself.

I know most people may not agree with my choices, but ladies should stop dressing to draw attention to themselves, and instead dress to inspire honor and respect… teach their daughters how to inspire honor and respect… and teach their sons to honor and respect ladies.

Amish and Mennonite communities have gained popularity in the past few years. Why?

Most people would not choose to dress as they do or live without modern conveniences, but no one can say that they dress to draw inappropriate attention to themselves. On the contrary, they dress plainly… to honor God.

I am not surprised when people living in the world disagree with me, but I am amazed at the Christians who spend their time and money on worldly things.

The question shouldn’t be “why do I have to give up these things?” The question should be “why do I want to wear things that make me look less than my best?… things that don’t make me stand out as a Christian?”

God bless you!

Love not the world, neither the things of the world -1 John 2:15


For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. -1 John 2:16



Comments on: "Who has your heart?" (4)

  1. Donna, I applaud you on being sensitive to the The Lords leading in your life. I think that this is an issue that must not be made to be a rule but, as in your case, a leading of The Lord. Having said that, man or woman should never dress Inappropriately to draw attention to themselves with short shorts, too low of tops, etc. to create lust. Great post. Thanks for having the conviction to post it.


    • Thanks for your reply. As a Christian, I feel a responsibility to stand up for my beliefs, but without condemning others who might not be on the same path (or time frame) that I am right now. Christians start out on a milk diet… it takes awhile to be able to chew the meat, right?


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