Sharing my good days and bad days

Does anyone else have problems writing posts using their iPhone (or any other smart phone)?

Many times I have written new posts using my iPhone and everything worked just as I expected it to… but sometimes when I begin a post, I need to save the draft and finish it later. There are different reasons… once I began a post during my lunch break and had to stop to go back to work… once I was interrupted by a grandchild who needed Grandma to help them…

Whatever the reason, it does happen at times. And it is aggravating to hit the “save draft” button, only to find out a moment later, that it has published my post! Once, I had created the post, added a picture and saved the draft, and I was not delighted to see that my “almost empty” post had been published instead of saved as a draft!

But even worse are the times that I work long and hard to write a post I hope others will find interesting, only to lose it. More than once, my daughter ran to her laptop, pulled up my dashboard, and found it — in the trash! But too often, it doesn’t publish, it doesn’t save, it just goes away… never to be seen again!

And… for whatever reason, it is nearly impossible to remember what I had just written. I usually end up writing a completely different post.

But I am happy to say that I have finally learned my lesson (well, mostly). I rarely ever use my iPhone to write posts – even to begin one.

…so now you know. If you ever read one of my posts and it’s blank… or almost… or makes no sense… it’s a pretty safe guess that I tried writing it on my iPhone. Hopefully I can catch it quickly and fix it. Just check back later to read the updated post!

God bless you and good night!


Comments on: "WordPress on iPhone does weird things!" (4)

  1. I always write most post in another program and then transfer it to WordPress when I’m ready to publish. I’ve also done the same as you. Have a great 4th.


    • Thanks for your reply. Whenever possible I use a text document, then copy/paste into WordPress.

      I am reminded that everything (and everyone) can fail us, except God, who will never fail us!

      Have a blessed weekend!


  2. You are NOT the only one who has problems. I have almost completely stopped using my iPhone to post because the app does so many weird things.

    I also know exactly what you mean about forgetting what you just wrote – you go look at your draft, think of a brilliant idea to make it better and write it in. Then you click update and it all goes away and your mind has gone completely BLANK!



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