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Happy 4th of JULY…

Today is the 4th of July… Independence Day…


Our family will be spending time together… going to a park to walk, playing card games, perhaps watching a video…

Whatever we do, we’ll be doing it together!

With young children, we don’t buy fireworks, but we do buy packs of the poppers that they can throw on the ground and make a big noise.

We live in an apartment, with no balcony or deck, so we’ll cook out – inside! We have a small electric grill we use to cook burgers and hotdogs… and we’ll have baked beans and watermelon.

I hope your family gets to enjoy the holiday spending time together – with good food and good fellowship.

Well, it’s time to start the day!

God bless you!

Comments on: "Happy 4th of JULY…" (4)

  1. Sounds wonderful! We are having a quiet day today. Hubby working on some family things, and I will do laundry and marinate some steaks. We will exercise the freedom we share in being able to do ordinary things on a most extraordinary day. DAF


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