Sharing my good days and bad days

This week I began doing something I haven’t attempted in a long time… to read 8 novels in 8 days!

Plus – I’m writing a review for each novel… whew!

If you read Amish fiction, I’d love for you to check out my reviews. You can find them at my bookshelf… aptly named: Donna’s Bookshelf

… and I’d appreciate hearing your comments!

If you’d like to read the post I wrote explaining how and why, you can find it at my author’s blog site: DJMynatt Inspirational Author

I first began reading this series in 2012, but I didn’t write any reviews until December 2013. Now that the 8th story has just been published, I bought it and decided to re-read the others in sequence, writing a new review for each one.

Let me stress… if you enjoy reading Amish fiction, I believe you’ll love this series about Hannah’s Daughters by Emma Miller (see the book titles listed below):

1. Courting Ruth
2. Miriam’s Heart
3. Anna’s Gift
4. Leah’s Choice
5. Redeeming Grace
6. Johanna’s Bridegroom
7. Rebecca’s Christmas Gift
8. Hannah’s Courtship

Now I must go and tend to a sick grandchild (prayers are needed… and appreciated).

Happy Reading! and God bless you!


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