Sharing my good days and bad days

Business trip…

I miss my family…

My job requires me to attend federal training for the next 3 days.

My family dropped me off at the airport and I said I’d write about everything, so here goes:


breakfast at 7:30am
arrive at airport 8:00am
snack at 9:00am
board plane at 9:45am
take-off at 10:15am
tomato juice at 10:45am
land/take-off (don’t deplane) 12-12:45pm
tomato juice at 1:30pm
landed 2:00pm
arrive hotel 2:55pm
snack at 4:05pm
real food at 5:15pm

I was detained while water and apple juice was scanned, but it was allowed (diabetes – I carry snacks, stuff)

I walked to the very end of the airport to get to the right gate… and

After I got to the hotel and got settled, I walked 5.5 of the longest blocks in 90 degree heat…

Aha! I didn’t think I’d get any exercise — that definitely counts!


So far it’s going well… it’s 7:15pm now and I’m going to shower and relax / read awhile until it’s time for bed.

Tomorrow begins the training…

Good night and God bless!

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  1. Your room looks cozy and comfortable. Rest and relax for the training and straining to begin. I hope the shower was good, good pressure and lots of hot water, that’s important. Enjoy the little things this week, having your room cleaned for you, clean towels you don’t have to wash, eating foods you don’t necessarily get all the time. I am certain your family misses you also, but so far, you have done well, you have travelled and written and hopefully are relaxing. Have a great night, sleep well, may the halls be quiet and may your room be filled with the peace of our Lord. One of my favorite verses: Psalm 127:2b for so he giveth his beloved sleep. (KJV)


    • Thank you, DAF. My room is indeed very “restful”. And I’m happy to hear that my grandchildren are having a blast… they are on their own special trip, visiting their grandpa, uncle & his fiancé, plus their beloved piano teacher & her family. God has been so good to us. We are truly blessed.


  2. We miss you! We love you! But I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself so far.

    The kiddos are not real happy to be without you but Miss Pam is an excellent distraction.

    And you’re going to have so much fun on the cruise tomorrow night!

    I expect more pictures! Lots more!

    Love You a million Mocha Cookie Crumbles!!! Ahh…sugar coma!


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