Sharing my good days and bad days


This has NOT been the best trip…

First, the flight to Baltimore was not a direct flight, as expected. But it worked out ok.


Then I was sitting in the desk chair last night and it flipped over on its’ side, knocking me to the floor. I received a few scratches, scrapes and bruises, but nothing major.

Today the super shuttle was 30 minutes late… and the other 3 passengers came really close to getting into an ugly, dangerous fight!

I was sitting next to a man who got very upset with the others, cursing and threatening them. It was a scary situation, to say the least.

I sat still and prayed for help, protection and guidance…

… and the man turned to me and apologized to me!

We chatted the rest of the time until we got to the airport. He was very polite to me the entire time.

When I told a friend, she said God had used me as an angel. I kinda felt that way. God surely blessed me tonight!

Our plane, being delayed 45 minutes, is now boarding so I’m heading home!


God bless you! Good night!

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  1. hope you have a safe trip, a quick trip. Enjoy sleeping in your own bed tonight.


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