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TCT Tour 2014 – Day 3

TCT = Training Coordinators Training (yeah, it’s confusing)!


Alright, today’s schedule was longer because as soon as the training was done, we had to grab a bite to eat, pick up luggage and catch the Super Shuttle to get to the airport! Whew! Just made it!


OK, here’s the schedule…

7:00-8:00am – buffet breakfast

8:30-11:45am – general session, what does each division do…

11:45-1:00pm – buffet lunch

1:00-4:15pm – webinars, investigative skills, final thoughts and farewell

4:30-5:30 – dinner break (pick up luggage)

5:30 – wait for Super Shuttle pickup

6:30 – arrive at airport, security check, find gate, wait for flight

8:15 – board plane

8:35 – take-off

9:25 – land in Nashville

10:30pm – arrive home, shower, write blog

late – ready for bed

God bless you… GOOD NIGHT!

Comments on: "TCT Tour 2014 – Day 3" (2)

  1. welcome home, hope this is a relaxing weekend for you surrounded by those you love and who love you.


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