Sharing my good days and bad days


Have you ever had a weekend so bad, you couldn’t wait for Monday!

That’s the way I’ve felt this weekend…


Yep – that’s me today!

Last Thursday my family left home before the sun had risen. My grandson was so cute when he kept saying, “Look Grandma! The sun’s coming up now… isn’t it pretty?”

It was… and I was thankful for good weather. But the very loud scraping sound coming from the area of the right front tire was disheartening. I checked with Amy… who checked with Joe… who said it could be the brake pad, caliper, side pin, etc. but could also just be a rock lodged behind the brake shield. We kept going…

The motel, which was advertised as a “resort” was a huge disappointment! It sat across from a golf course, and traffic was heavy. The reservation got mixed up and they didn’t have us down for coming on Thursday, but they did give us a room… the only problem was the room was on the second floor and we had specified that we needed a room on the ground floor. Well, in their favor, they did find us a room on the ground floor – in the back.

Then we found that the pool was closed; the television was an older model which didn’t work well, had only a few channels, and the picture was terrible! There were flies in the room and we were constantly swatting at them.

But we made the best of it… my daughter went on to her conference, which turned out to be much less organized than the others, but there were a couple of really good speakers/writers! She learned a lot, got her books signed (by one of her favorite authors) and came away feeling great!

Sunday we couldn’t wait to get back on the road, pick up some nourishing food, and head home…

Today was a breeze… after the long, long weekend.

It’s over. Now we just need to find someone to fix the brakes.

God bless you… and good night!


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