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Just desserts

It’s Wednesday night, I’m trying to write, and there’s nothing I’d like more right now than a dutch chocolate milkshake!

It’s my daughter’s fault… last weekend she decided to make chocolate milkshakes! She bought chocolate ice cream, Hershey chocolate syrup and milk — that’s all.

Best chocolate shake I’ve ever had — and I rarely ever indulge because I never like the taste of chocolate shakes.

Last night my grandson asked for a chocolate shake… we didn’t have enough milk or ice cream, so the kiddies got popsicles and I got a root beer float — nice and thick; just right. yummy!


Obviously on a dessert (or ice cream) train, tonight I asked for another root beer float. But alas, we have no root beer.

So what did I settle for…


…yep, plain ice cream (not nearly as good… You could even say a bit of a letdown).

Next time, I’ll wait for the good stuff!

God bless you and good night.


Comments on: "Just desserts" (3)

  1. It all sounds yummy, Donna😀


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