Sharing my good days and bad days

Daily failings…

Tonight I feel like I failed my family…


See, our family (even the little kids) decided years ago that there wasn’t much on television worth watching.

Although there were a few shows/networks that promoted good, the commercials during these shows promoted bad!

Indecency, immorality… well, you know what I’m talking about…

And we’ve done well. We still play an occasional video, but we’re pretty choosy what we watch.

So what happened today, after driving 5+ hours, when we get to the motel, unpack… and turn on the television. I can’t even blame the others; I did it.

Of course a movie would be playing that we had seen previews for but had never seen… so we watched it.

Then a movie came on that we had seen, but everyone liked, so we watched it, too.


There it is…

Four hours wasted!

I say wasted because the commercials seemed especially bad; there was violence, bad language, nudity, zombies… and that’s just a few of the complaints.

Did we spend quality time together at some point?

1) Bible study – no.
2) Family prayer – no.
3) Just talking – no.

3 strikes – I struck out!

My plan for tomorrow… resist the desires of the flesh and unplug the television (until we leave on Sunday)!

Pray for us, dear friends. Lift us up to Heaven. Ask for wisdom and strength to…


God bless you.

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