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When is busy too busy?

I am totally inspired by today’s post from Sarah Loudin Thomas…

Why do we not take time for the things that are important? A hug and a few minutes attention aimed at a child (or grandchild) , a phone call to a friend who’s been going through some difficulties, or just stopping long enough to look up at the sky and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation!

Take time to read Sarah’s post… and to send her a comment or a word of appreciation.

God bless you today… and always!

Sarah Loudin Thomas AUTHOR

FamilyA show of hands please–who out there is busy?

Ah-ha. I see a lot of hands. And I hear a lot of friends, family members, and co-workers who share tales of their busy-ness with me. And I tell quite a few of my own.

Two members of a missionary family from Turkey spoke at church yesterday. Dad and one of his adopted Turkish daughters came to talk with our church before their return to the mission field.

The daughter is 17. She’s poised, lovely, well-spoken, and an all-around delight. After the service, church members gathered around the table to share lunch with father and daughter. We talked about a variety of topics including the differences between Turkey and America. The daughter commented on how busy everyone in America is. She added that while people in Turkey might be just as busy, they don’t let on. If a visitor comes, they…

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Comments on: "When is busy too busy?" (3)

  1. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I think I’m getting a message today. You’re the 2nd one to post about busyness today. I’m going to slow down. Have a great day!!!

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