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cabin fever…


Home Sweet Home…

I think the kiddies are getting a bit of cabin fever…

They haven’t been anywhere since Sunday. Oh, they’ve been outside to play with Sophie (the cat) but we just haven’t needed to go anywhere. And they’re getting a little restless.

So… tomorrow we’re planning a trip to the mall. I’m certain this will cheer them up, as they both have Build-a-Bear gift cards to spend!


God bless you!


© Donna J. Mynatt 2015


Comments on: "cabin fever…" (3)

  1. Have fun. I would go nuts if I didn’t leave the house every day I think unless I’m sick. Enjoy!!!

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    • Having to fight traffic to work and back home every day… I’m thrilled when I don’t have to go out.

      At least once a month, we drive 3 hours to Knoxville and 3 hours back – usually on the same day!

      Of course, we still get out a lot. I just try to enjoy being at home when I have the chance!

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  2. My grandkids love those bears too… hope your outing was fun!

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