Sharing my good days and bad days

survival of the fittest…


Everyone survived!


We’ve visited our favorite bookstores… and it’s time to head back home.

I’m not sure why it always seems much closer driving back home — it used to seem farther when we first moved away for some strange reason, but now it seems to take less and less time. The fact that we’re heading back on a Friday night — and in the past it was usually around midnight when we got home… just might have something to do with it. Tonight we made it back before 11pm.


And too often we are usually involved in one or more traffic jams — tonight it was rare to even have to cancel the cruise control but for a few, short times!

My daughter’s visit went great. She came through like a trooper.

Dr. Haws is the best dentist I’ve found in 50 years… and a great blessing to our family!

…by the way, the homemade pumpkin bread was a huge crowd pleaser!

God bless you!


© Donna J. Mynatt 2015

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