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Snow! Snow! Snow!

Yesterday and today have been such a treat… with snow falling on my way home both days!


I confuse, I’m not as crazy about snow as I’ve always been — mostly because as I get older, my body doesn’t tolerate extreme cold any more than it does extreme heat! Living in Tennessee, guess what?

I have both!  It’s too cold in the winter . . . and too hot in the summer.

I’m going to stop griping before you leave. While it’s not the best conditions, I love living in Tennessee. We have great seasons . . . spring, summer, fall, and winter all are fun times. I don’t let the cold stop me from going out for walks, or playing in the snow — and I don’t let the heat stop me from longer walks, and splashing around in the pool (whenever we get the chance).

But what I love most are the colors… the beautiful snowflakes in winter, the trees and flowers blooming in the spring, the vegetable garden in the summer, and the changing colors of the leaves in the fall.


In the meantime… enjoy the snow!




© 2016 DJ Mynatt


Comments on: "Snow! Snow! Snow!" (2)

  1. I love the seasons, too! God has given us a beautiful world to live in. God Bless.

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    • Me, too. If I could change anything, my idea would be to have 2 months each of winter and summer, with 4 months each of spring and fall… but I’ll take whatever I get.


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